Top quality Italian Fashion in the famous "Forte dei Marmi Street Market"


Forte dei Marmi is a unique and exquisite Italian "Street Market" renowned for its high quality Italian fashion merchandise. What began as a street fair, over a century ago, is now more of an “open air boutique” offering exclusive Italian art design, handmade clothing, bags, shoes, cashmere, bijoux as well as Florentine art luxury textiles.  

The "Street Market" originated in Tuscany when noble people from Milano (and Northern Italy) traveled to Forte dei Marmi (a seaside resort)  to buy luxury textiles from Tuscan merchants. The appeal and success of the original Tuscan "Street Market" began a tradition of this unique market traveling across major Italian cities, where its merchants, known as “Gli Ambulanti di Forte dei Marmi”, will display their beautiful and luxurious merchandise for the discriminating shopper.